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We are a site dedicated to finding deals and packages for girls to enjoy time with friends. We have a Blog, a facebook page and twitter account. All designed to keep you informed and make your time with friends as pleasant as possible. We have listed all of the ways that you can interact and contact us below. We do hope that all of our interactions with you make your girls day out, week away or weekend away, that little bit special. Afterall every girl needs a Girls Weekend Away!

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Blog :- http://blogg.girlsweekendsaway.com.au/blogg/

Facebook page :- http://www.facebook.com/girlsweekendsawayadmin

Twitter Account :- https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=girlswhispers

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If for any reason you want to make contact with us;
just drop us an e-mail at contact_us@girlsweekendsaway.com.au

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We also have a privilige card and its free :-
Sign up here :- http://girlsweekendsaway.coffeecup.com/forms/privilege_card/ or
See the benefits here :- http://www.girlsweekendsaway.com.au/privilegecard/privilege_card_merchants.html
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