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girl on computerGirls Weekends Away is a rapidly expanding site that also incorporates a social media experience, all dedicated to helping Women have a fun time with friends. Whether it's a one off experience, a day out, a weekend away or even a week away, our aim is to provide ideas for Women to make it as easy as possible to enjoy themselves. The Girls Weekends Away Website is our core platform for providing information and we also interact using a Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter account. The twitter updates are uploaded live to the Blog, Facebook page and Web site, while the Blog is uploaded to both the Facebook page and Website. This ensures the maximum interaction with our followers. Advertisers who become a part of the GWA community can engage with our target audience for as little as $50 a year.

Why GWA?

Because advertising with us provides you with a regional and focused client demographic ad placement on a rapidly growing site. How fast? We are growing that fast that we are currently the number one site on Google for our category of "Girls Weekends Away" in the world! Now that is exposure that is hard to find. But it even gets better, Your investment guarantees an ad placement on a page of your selection within any of our regions for a 12 month period. It is important to note that to maintain the value to you, GWA guarantees that we will place no more than 10 sponsored advertisements on any page. Advertisers can of course place one advertisement on as many multiple pages as they choose but not on the same page.

What's the Advantage?

We have a first in best dressed philosophy, so the benefit to a merchant in securing an ad placement is that they lock out their competition for 12 months. So it's important to secure one of the 10 web page and Blog placements. This is also important as once you subscribe to a page you will own that advertising space for 12 months and also have first right of refusal for the next 12 months. This is something no other web page (to our knowledge) offers.

What do I get & What's the investment?

There are three levels of investment; Banner ad only $150 per annum, consumer interactive at $250 per annum and Blog plus at $350 per annum. We have provided details of each below.

Advertising Packages

We have 3 packages available. There are no fancy contracts, no technical requirements, just a commitment from us to make your experience as genuine as possible. We are not about creating massive contracts or multi layer advertising. What we are about is providing simple, straight forward, understandable and merchant beneficial advertising space at a reasonable price.

Banner Ad only $150

At this level advertisers receive a banner ad placement on a page of their choice for 12 months. The maximum size generally is up to 150x150 and will usually appear on the left column of each page. Your investment also entitles you to promote a Privilege card benefit (as above) this is not mandatory but recommended.

Banner Ad Example

Here is an example of a 150X150 banner

Happily shopping

Consumer Interactive $250

At this level advertisers receive a placement on a page of their choice for 12 months plus the opportunity to post a quarterly Blog. The maximum size recommended is up to 150x150 and will usually appear on the left column of each page. The benefit of a quarterly Blog is that once posted it immediately interacts with our Facebook Page. The Blog Post also provides an opportunity for merchants to advertise specials or packages.

Blog Plus+ $350

At this level advertisers receive a placement on a page of their choice for 12 months, Plus a Blog ad for 12 months (Blog is recommended at 125x125), Plus the opportunity to post a quarterly Blog. The recommended placement size on a web page is up to 150x150. The Blog placement will appear on the top Right hand side of the page and the web Page ad on the left. It should be noted that Blog Plus will only have 10 opportunities for advertisers at this level. Once filled this opportunity will be frozen for 12 months. Again the Blog post immediately interacts with our Facebook Page and entitles you to promote specials.

Extra Information

At all levels the advertiser receives a 12 month ad placement on a web page of their choice (remember we will only accept 10 advertisers per page), placement is usually at the top left of the page to a maximum size of 150x150 but can vary due to page design. This can be negotiated, especially at the consumer interactive and Blog Plus packages as these will always have priority placement. In respect to Accommodation advertising, it will appear on the top right hand side of the relevant accommodation page, in the current accommodation format.

Note that Consumer Interactive participants and Blog Plus receive a quarterly blog posting* (to be provided to us by the advertiser)

In regards to all packages we do recommend (not insist) that the advertiser provide a benefit to GWA members. This could be in the form of a discount, special offer or freebie. This will be promoted via the GWA privilege card page and helps drive traffic to your business.
See page at

So if you want to know more drop us an e-mail at and we will have a representative contact you to discuss your requirements further.

*Blog Content

GWA actively reviews merchants, accommodation, restaurants, events etc. as part of its service to members via the Blog. Therefore the consumer interactive package and Blog Plus will not provide exclusivity to the advertiser because reviews will be posted of other merchants in a region as a regular part of the GWA service. It will provide quarterly postings (designed and provided by the advertiser) giving the advertiser the opportunity to uniquely position their product or service.

We also reserve the right to have affiliate and activity placements on each page. These will not be promoted above advertisers.